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Who we are

The Wearables Research Collaboratory is a collaboration of students and faculty members working to further understand the value of wearable technology that is emerging rapidly in our modern world. Our focus is to explore how wearable and emerging technologies affect the way to interact with ourselves and with one another, through deployments in classroom settings, surveys of users, and conversations with those who design, develop, and distribute these technologies. We are also committed to communicate our findings with the great community so individuals may be critical users of technologies. 

Our core team consists of four undergraduate researchers, two doctoral students, and two faculty members. We collaborate with research support centers such as LATIS and other academic units to expand the breadth as well as depth of our research. 

Find out more about our lead researchers and undergraduate research assistants.

Open, diverse, constructive

We welcome students of all levels to join us in learning and experimenting with emerging technologies. It is our goal to keep the collaboratory an open workspace to cultivate new ideas, create prototype, test designs, and share results. We spend time talking through individual and collaborative projects to help each member succeed in their work. 

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Please email wrcollab@umn.edu to ask about joining our weekly meetings. 

WRC at a Glance

Established: 2016

Department Home: Writing Studies

Current Active Collaborators: Seven