Research Assistants

Current Research Assistants

Nathan Ernst is an undergraduate majoring in Technical Writing and Communication with a sub-plan in Environmental Science under the College of Liberal Arts. He has worked with the WRC team for two terms now. Nathan is currently pursuing knowledge in virtual reality and the impacts of a virtual space on the human senses. He is happy to be working with various wearables and people.

Alexander (Xander) Westgard is an undergraduate student in Food Systems, in the College of Food, Agriculture, and Natural Resource Sciences. Xander is interested in technology and how it will assist in communication through consumer markets for food. He enjoys learning about all the new technologies that people come up with, and how they work. Xander has always been fascinated by technology, and how creating new machines can help in so many different ways.

Laura Gee

Bilal Abdelqader


Past Research Assistants

Azana Adefris, Fall 2016

John Orzechowski, Spring 2016

Linus Chan, Spring 2016

Brian Gapp, Spring 2016

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