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Quick Guide for 360° Video Viewers

Videos rely on emersion and interest when conveying a message to the viewer. Using technology as a stimulant will give you the ability to put yourself into the video even more. The only issue is when user error comes into play, and many people are unable to fully experience the technology how it was meant to be used. 360° videos are an example of how people may have issues truly experiencing the content. 360° videos are simple to understand, they just require a few steps that many people have never had to do.


Opening the video on your device

  1. With a computer, all that is needed is either YouTube or Facebook open to your video, and the video playing. Make sure the video is on by pressing play, and then you can use the interface freely.
  2. On your mobile device, there are a few different ways to open the video and use it effectively, but the first step is very similar. Open the video on the app you are planning to watch it on, either Facebook or Google Cardboard, and make sure it is running.


Interacting with 360° Videos

  1. On a computer, there are a few ways to control your video. Using your keyboard is an easy way, providing a way to pan around the video with your arrow keys in a full 360. The mouse is also easy, panning in the same way as the keyboard, but left clicking and holding instead, then moving the mouse while holding the left click.
  2. Using a mobile device can be much more difficult to set up and move. There is more freedom, but you are restricted by your real life movement, like your arms and head. The only interface movement with facebook 360 videos is moving your phone around in a 360 degree pattern to see the canvas on the video.