Bidding Farewell to Our Research Assistants

Thursday, May 5, 2016 - 9:00pm

WRC Spring 2016 Team

WRC bids farewell to our four undergraduate student researchers this week! Thank you all for your contributions and the exceptional energy you have brought to our team. 

Left to right: Nathan Ernst, Dr. Joe Moses, Megan McGrath, Dr. Ann Hill Duin, John Orzechowski, Linus Chan, Brian Gapp, Jason Tham

Summer Sneak-Peek:

Dr. Ann Hill Duin will be leading a workshop on personal/professional learning network and its value for cultural competency at the Networked Learning Conference in England.

Dr. Joe Moses will be spending some time in New York with his family and writing. 

Megan McGrath will be writing her dissertation prospectus and working as a research assistant to Dr. Christina Haas of Writing Studies for a book project. 

Jason Tham will be preparing for his preliminary exams while working on several writing projects. 

John Orzechowski will continue his venture in the "real world" and seek a UX (user experience) design career.

Linus Chan will be graduating with an education marketing degree and a minor in technical communication.

Brian Gapp will travel to Dallas to celebrate his sister's graduation, take two classes over the summer, while working in residential halls. 

Nathan Ernst will be leading an online tutorial on League of Legends helping websters to learn and enjoy the game.