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Learning activities: News media showdown and app redesign

class activity

This week, my students spent their class time exploring VR through Google Cardboard. On Thursday, we did two exercises as ways of learning about technology design and rhetoric.

Google Glass: Major Issues and Redesign Measures

At our last meeting, Bilal and I were each given a Google Glass device to explore. Neither of us had much previous experience with Glass, but having heard about it from our colleagues we were intrigued and excited to try it out. After playing around with Glass for a few days, it became clear that there are some major issues with the device. While Glass was one of the first pair of augmented reality glasses commercially available, it’s clear that Google’s AR technology still has a way to go in terms of usability, feasibility, and wearability.

Students explore ETC Lab

On Thursday, Mar 2, Jason held his WRIT 3577W class in the LATIS Emerging Technologies and Creativity (ETC) Lab at Anderson Hall 110 where students had the chance to explore various virtual and mixed realities devices. LATIS personnels Rebecca Moss and Alison Link welcomed the students with introductions to the labspace and provided hands-on guidance to using various technologies. Undergraduate research assistant Bilal Abdelqader provided additional support and interacted with students as they explore the devices.

Week Two Summary of Research Assistant Work

Bilal: I spent the beginning portion of the week researching the legitimacy and potential of the FOVE as well as its limitations. I completed the pollinator grant proposal and sent it in for review. On Tuesday, Jason and I met to discuss further logistics for his class visit to LATIS and what his expectations are for his students. For the remainder of the week, I am going to continue focusing on research regarding eye-tracking technology and its potential in writing studies and also how difficult it would be to develop an app or conceptualize an app for the FOVE.



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