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Bidding Farewell to Our Research Assistants

WRC Spring 2016 Team

WRC bids farewell to our four undergraduate student researchers this week! Thank you all for your contributions and the exceptional energy you have brought to our team. 

WRC RAs at Spring Research Showcase

Our very own undergraduate research assistants will be presenting their professional and research experience at the Spring Research Showcase organized by the Department of Writing Studies this Monday, April 25, from 4pm-5:30pm at Nolte 229. 

We look forward to a great time of discussions and networking at this open event. See more details in the event flyer below.

Exploring Cultural Perceptions of Wearables

We are constantly surrounded by technologies of various sorts and of an increasingly complex nature. For this reason, we have become so immersed in a culture of technology and often overlook the materiality and implications of technological adoptions in different aspects of our lives. Most modern technologies––like many forms of scientific knowledge in our world today––embody structures that mimic the Western ways of mapping the world such as the common parent-child structural representation of relationships in the majority of databases and popular algorithms.

News / Blog

Thank you for visiting our new blog! We are very excited to share our work through this space. Do get in touch with us for further collaboration ideas or opportunities. 


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WRC is a space collaborators share inquiry into different aspects of research involving wearable and emerging technologies. We keep this column updated monthly to showcase some of the works our collaborators have embarked upon.