Students explore ETC Lab

Thursday, March 2, 2017 - 10:15am

On Thursday, Mar 2, Jason held his WRIT 3577W class in the LATIS Emerging Technologies and Creativity (ETC) Lab at Anderson Hall 110 where students had the chance to explore various virtual and mixed realities devices. LATIS personnels Rebecca Moss and Alison Link welcomed the students with introductions to the labspace and provided hands-on guidance to using various technologies. Undergraduate research assistant Bilal Abdelqader provided additional support and interacted with students as they explore the devices. RSTC PhD student Jeremy Rosselot-Merritt shared his research trajectory with students at the end of the visit session. 

Students were given an activity worksheet to complete. Questions included finding the similarities among emerging technologies, naming the challenges experienced by user, the "gender"fication of technologies, and envisioning the use of certain devices in specific industries such as education and business. 

Alison Link introducing Google Cardboard to students

Students tinkering with Google Cardboard

Students tinkering with Google Cardboard-2

Students tinkering with Google Cardboard-3

Students tinker with HTC Vive

Rebecca Moss introduces Makerbot 3D printer to students

Students exchanging ideas

A student using HTC Vive

Among the devices explored by students included: Google Cardboard, Amazon Echo/Alexa, Ricoh Theta 360 camera, HTC Vive & Steam VR, and Makerbot 3D printer.

Students will continue the conversations around invention, innovations, and the rhetorics of technology when they return to class next week. 

This entry was written by Jason Tham.