Students using Google Glass


Areas of Focus

WRC is dedicated to discovering and developing new knowledge in the domain of wearables and emerging technologies. Learn more about out areas of focus below.

  • Computational rhetoric
  • User experience
  • Usability
  • Sociocultural technology
  • Digital rhetoric
  • Digital literacies
  • Technical communication
  • Writing instruction and pedagogy

Ongoing signature projects

  • Perspective shifting and user experience
  • Design thinking and radical collaboration
  • Cultural perceptions of wearable technologies
  • Revisiting the rhetorical situation through virtual and augmented realities

Recent publications

Tham, J. (2017). Wearable writing: Enriching student peer reviews through point-of-view video feedback using Google GlassJournal of Technical Writing and Communication, 47(1), 22-55.

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