The Future of Google Glass

Transformation of Google Glass

The New Face of Technology

"What would life be like if people didn't have to socially isolate themselves by looking down to rub a featureless piece of glass? What if people were able to get information by just functioning the way they're supposed to?" - Sergey Brin, 2013.

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Glass Evolution

Project Glass, now known as Glass, was announced in 2012, and in two years the technology has made monumental progress.

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Glass Explorers

Glass is not open to the public yet; however, Google has created an experience for consumers who do not want to wait for the product to go public and to help Glass' development process.  

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The Future of Glass Users

Although Glass is in the beginning stages of interacting with "non-Googlers," there seems to be a specific demographic associated with current Glass users. What do future Glass users look like?

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This project was created by Brittah Springer, an undergraduate research assistant for the then Google Glass Team (predecessor of WRC). After her graduation, her site was archived by Jason Tham as part of the WRC digital home.