Glass Explorers

"Building an ecosystem around Glass is very important”— Steve Lee, Glass Product Director, 2013

In order for Glass to advance, a research system was created that essentially acts as ethnographic research by selecting individuals to buy the device and use it in specific contexts. These individuals act as informal researchers, consumers, explorers, and pivotal components to Glass' success—Glass Explorers. 

This experience was announced to potential explorers through a variety of different formats, including: 

Glass initial email to explorers

glass social media site

Google form for explorer program

The explorer opportunity shows how Glass eases users’ lives in a myriad of situations while also allowing consumers to be part of revolutionizing Glass. Explorers share their stories online, primarily through YouTube. These are some of their stories: 

Now that consumers have transformed into Glass Explorers in order to get their hands on Google's newest technology, when will non-explorers be able to experience Glass first hand? What is the future of Google Glass users?

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