Just the Beginning

It All Started With Smartphones

Ten years ago, cellphones just started taking off as popular devices that introduced communication through a portable device that fit into users' pockets; that was in 2004. After this concept was successful and familiar, technology companies started thinking about the ability to make these portable-calling devices into all-knowing connection equipment: smartphones. In fact, Laura M. Holson and Miguel Helft, two New York Times authors, wrote an article in 2008 raving about T-Mobile being the first cellphone company to offer a cellphone with Google software. 

Many companies have and continue to perfect the smartphone. However, different technology companies have taken different avenues to make—what they think— is the perfect smartphone according to current societal trends. However, "Googlers" took an approach completely different than most in continuing their smartphone creations. They thought, "What would Life be like if people didn't have to socially isolate themselves by looking down to rub a featureless piece of glass? What if people were able to get information by just functioning the way they're supposed to?" (Brin, 2013). 

From Sergey Brin's February 2013 Ted talk, we can see that changing the way society interacts with its communication devices allows Life interactions to be more comfortable, convenient, and natural. This inspiration of humans changing the way they interact with technology initiated Project Glass, now referred to as Glass. Glass was announced to society in 2012, and, in two years, Glass has undergone monumental transformations.

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